Transform your communication with transcreation

In today’s age where mass marketing is something prehistoric and segmentation is getting more and more sophisticated, how can you think of appealing to your customers if you don’t speak their language or know their culture, if you aren’t aware of the correct local use of register, idioms, humour and tone of voice or if you don’t perceive issues in context?

Transcreation helps companies reach out to local markets avoiding serious missteps, which can cost a lot in terms of reputation, engagement and revenue.

But what is transcreation? Transcreation involves localised re-writing of texts of an advertising/promotional nature with the aim to create the same impact in the target language as that of the message conveyed in the original language.

Goal: Its object is adapting a text, naming, tagline, payoff etc. to the tastes, culture and customs of the target country or market, creating a new text, which feels as if originally written in the target language: the result may differ considerably from the terminology and format of the original text, while adhering faithfully to its content, style and register.

Alternative definitions: Some define it as creative adaptation, creative translation (trans-creation), a mix of translation amd copywriting, cross-market copywriting or multilingual copywriting.

Applications: cross-cultural contents of promotional, advertising or highly creative nature.

Skills involved: Integration of a wide cross-section of professional skills, such as translation, copywriting, cultural analysis, brand perception, market knowledge, marketing strategy, naming, excellent knowledge of both the source and target language and culture.

Results: engagement, from creating an emotional connection with your audience; enhanced brand reputation and recognition; brand consistency across markets, from making a single idea work in different languages and cultures; avoiding missteps in communication or local failures of entire campaigns; strengthening of brand values.

Keywords: creativity, engagement, original, emotions, experience, consistency, copywriting.

Thanks to transcreation, you’ll be globally consistent and locally relevant.

To get the best results for your international promotional campaign, company tagline or brand slogans on the local market, transcreation is what you’re looking for.


About the author
laura-cattaneoI am an Italian specialist in marketing, creative and legal translation and editing. I put my many years of experience to the advantage of my clients by creating texts resonating with the Italian-speaking audience and making brands locally relevant. Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit my website.