Catch your customers’ eye with good business writing

No more outdated, boring business writing stereotypes: say yes to smart, coherent, engaging copy to attract prospects and boost engagement rates and sales volumes.

Today, the average attention span, when we look at the web, is down to a bunch of seconds.

So, can good writing attract more customers or capture the visitor’s attention for a bit longer?

The answer is yes.

Personally, I get annoyed when I stumble upon business contents with typos, badly written, full of stereotyped lingo, telling me one thing in one place and something different in another.

A good editing can go a long way

If you need to write your website or other contents from scratch, I suggest you do that with the help of a good professional. But if you already have some in need of a brush-up, don’t despair. There are plenty of things you can do with a good editing.

For instance:

Review the structure of your contents and see whether it still fits your business: if not, reshuffle contents into new categories or pages. And if you need to add or delete something, do it. For online contents, look out for format and readability on desktop and mobile devices.

Review the contents, looking for inconsistencies, concepts that are not clear enough for an external visitor or which could be misleading. Also, a spot fact checking can help you ascertain whether you’re telling your customers the same things in all your materials: inconsistencies hinder trust.

Review the language and style: take out any obsolete business lingo and stereotypes and start talking people to people. It’s not B2C: it’s H2H. If you have a brand style guide, see whether you are applying it consistently, otherwise it might be the perfect moment to create one. Ask yourself what image you want to project, the character of your brand, who is the audience you are trying to reach, and from there work out your unique tone of voice.

Review grammar and spelling: it may sound like an idle advice, but it’s really not.

Review the images and get help sorting out new ones if you deem they are important for your goals.

Review your website and other materials for legal requirements and if you need one, get an audit from a professional company (fines can be consistent under GDPR).

Well-planned out, nicely written contents can go a long way in establishing your reputation and capturing the attention of future customers.

About the author
I am an Italian specialist in translation and proofediting, working in the marketing, creative and legal fields. I put my many years of experience to the advantage of my clients by creating texts resonating with the Italian-speaking audience and making brands locally relevant. Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit my website.