January in translation (and editing)

What have you been up to this month?

I started delving into UX writing with an online course by Digital Update and Serena Giust, and the book by Serena. And I am loving it so-very-much. UX writing is part of my training focus for this year, so I’ll be studying and reading more about it in the next months. Why? Because it has many cross references to translation and as a translator and editor I think I can learn a lot from its principles and applications. Also, small and medium enterprises, or some of the industries I work in such as hospitality, usually don’t have the means or strategic focus to hire a UX writer, so these notions may come in handy in my daily work as well.

Translation, transcreation and editing

Among the projects I worked on this month, three were particularly interesting:

🟡 The translation and adaptation into Italian of a project on artificial intelligence, aimed at explaining its main concepts and applications to the general public. This kind of projects are very interesting but also challenging, especially when they deal with scientific matters or new technology. Because there is always a fine line between using a clear and user-friendly language, and crossing that line into boredom and oversimplification. Simple doesn’t mean simplistic. These are the instances when the power of a clear, lucid language comes out the most. And when you really understand how much work there is behind a coherent, unambiguous, crystalline text.

🟡 The editing of the Italian transcreation of a promotional campaign on an Irish city. Here I had to deal with creativity to the third power: the writer’s, the translator’s and mine. I love these projects: because one headline can contain worlds of intuition, puns, imagination; because you go really deep into the workings of two languages, very different among them in this case (English and Italian); because you get to enjoy the skills of two professionals before you chime in and finalize it to bring the victory home.

🟡 The translation of a service provider agreement template for the Italian headquarters of an international luxury hospitality company. Legal translation is the other side of me, and although hyper specialized (contract and company law, and privacy), allows me to complement my (marketing and creative) translation offer well.

In other news, as they say…

I joined the newly founded Italian chapter of the Women in Localization association, hoping to further the knowledge and nature of our work in Italy, and especially the presence of and networking among women in the industry.

I visited London for a long weekend to see the William Blake exhibition at Tate British. What can I say? A true dream.

For the next month I look forward to…

(Besides receiving lovely translation, transcreation and editing projects, that is)

Listening live to professor Luciano Floridi (@Floridi), who will hold three lectures in Milan, in February, at Teatro Franco Parenti on the interconnections between philosophy and the digital world.

Watching the rugby matches of the Six Nations (yep, huge rugby fan here).

Visiting the Guggenheim exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan on the Tannhauser Collection (yep, huge art lover as well).

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