Lack of translation among top reasons of e-commerce checkout failures

The online payment portal Stripe, among Silicon’s Valley most valuable start-ups, released the study The State of European Checkouts in 2020, reviewing the most common issues in the checkout flow in over 450 e-commerce websites across Europe.

The study found out that 9 in 10 lost sales in Europe came from failures on the checkout page.

And that the most common error, adding up to a huge 74%, is that checkouts did not have local language translations.

As Stripe puts it, “not translating your checkout into the language of your customers could cut off entire countries from your addressable market, leading to lost sales”.

All the money and work put into developing brand awareness and the e-commerce website itself get lost just at the moment of finalizing the purchase.

The most common error, adding up to a huge 74%, is that checkouts did not have local language translations.

When a translator and localizer says translating content into the language of tour customers is key, it may sound biased (even though it is true).

But data doesn’t lie, and when you consider the percentages coming from this study, I think the measure of the failure is quite clear.

Investing in translation goes a long way compared to the huge benefits you gain in terms of revenues and brand engagement.

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The translation issue, combined with the other localization, security and UX issues highlighted in the study, don’t have only an immediate outcome, i.e. the potential buyer abandoning the purchase. They have a long-term one as well, since it will be very difficult to persuade these customers to come back and buy, i.e. to regain their attention and trust.

Think of a translation strategy that can help you address your failures in the market where you want to sell and then localize the experience for your customers.

Here are just 5 key benefits you can get from translation:

  1. Translation can help you get ahead of the competition.
  2. Translation can get you more customers and more finalized purchases.
  3. Translation can help you build brand engagement and turn prospects into repeat customers.
  4. Translation enhances trust, which is the base of customer loyalty.
  5. Translation can help build your voice and personality in the local market, which in turn gets you the benefits listed in points 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The benefits of translation are clear to many global enterprises, which continued investing in it even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to data gathered by CSA Research from a survey of 63 global enterprises in 19 countries in April 2020, “localization teams report receiving transfers from other budgets to run more localized marketing promotions, support large virtual events, and deliver additional languages.

Translation seems to be a smart choice, even more so in times of crisis. Doesn’t it?

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