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English/French/Spanish to Italian translator and editor specialized in MarCom and transcreation. Full member of the Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters (ANITI) and of the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists. I can put my many years of experience to the advantage of my clients by creating texts resonating with the Italian-speaking audience. Connect with me on Twitter @lauracattaneo_ or visit my website on

Why translating press releases is a smart move

Local market versions boost propagation, engagement and credibility.

Press releases are still used and useful to control the dissemination of company news and announcements as well as to build relationships with media professionals and the general public. They are a chance to connect with your audience when and how you want to, on a regular basis. Not to mention a legal requirement for public companies. In sum, they are still a cost-effective tool to earn media coverage worldwide, both online and offline. Continue reading →

The therapeutic power of saying “No”

Good boundaries make good freelancers.

As freelancers we need to manage our work, our time, our money, the direction we’d like our business to go.

Learning to say no is a key step to grow your business exactly the way you want to. And a way to become a trusted professional.

But saying no to what? Continue reading →

Client introduction to the translation industry for the HOTEL sector

Here are a few insider tips on translation for clients of the hospitality sector who want to make the most of it.

Because today translation is no longer optional, nor something you can do in-house. It is a core ingredient of your marketing mix and it must be handled by professionals capable of turning this great opportunity into a good ROI, in terms of arrivals, brand identity, customer loyalty and revenue. Continue reading →

Le pratiche della creatività

Qualche trucco per stimolarla e catturarla da chi ci lavora ogni giorno

Creativi si nasce? Beh, forse un po’ sì, ma bravi lo si diventa con tanto, tanto lavoro.

In questo senso, creatività non fa rima con estro, ma con studio, applicazione, impegno, concentrazione. Occorre provare, riprovare, testare. Fare brainstorming. E poi sfoltire, semplificare, far emergere solo le opzioni valide e affinarle ancora. Continue reading →

Central systems in modern working: a future-proof match

Collaboration, flexibility, promptness are essential to the way we work today and central systems can go a long way to help us stay ahead of the game.

Today being a freelancer doesn’t mean being alone any longer (luckily!). Nor stuck in one place.

Freelancers as multi-tasking digital nomads

Freelancers cooperate with agencies, direct clients, business partners and suppliers in an increasingly complex ecosystem, made up of many different actors. They are connected and part of peer networks. They have become ‘digital nomads’, with the freedom to work from virtually anywhere, be it home, a co-working space, or a place abroad for a bit of ‘bleisure’ time. Continue reading →