Transcreation: is it just translation or something more?

[An article originally written in Italian for the blog STL Formazione]

Is transcreation simply a good translation or is it something else? This is a topic of heated conversation even among industry experts.

To try and gain a better understanding, let’s start with a definition.

Focus, needs and goals.

Transcreation, a portmanteau word originating from the fusion of translation and creation, is a mix of translation and copywriting. It is more than translation: it is copywriting bound by an original source text and the client’s brief. Continue reading →

Style still matters in writing. And in translation.

Style never goes out of style. At least not in writing. And good writing can go a long way to build the image of a brand. Read on to see why.

I am re-reading The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker (do read it!) and I find that many concepts and suggestions apply directly to translation as well.

Take the initial explanation of why style matters in writing (too): Continue reading →